Cooltouch Church Heaters



Long distant run to Penbrokeshire this week.  Ready to deliver printed heater to Deddington.

Kent and Middleborough enquiries in process.


Do these concerns seem familiar?         

-  High heating maintenance cost

-  High fuel bills

-  Cold and unhappy congregation

-  Low attendance during the winter

-  Concern for the church fabric

-  Heating system failed and new one needed





Cooltouch heaters can address all of these concerns and many more when installed in your pews.


-  Thin infrared panels radiate warmth to legs and ankles

-  Worship without the cold distracting you

-  Warm 3 people with one 320 Watt heater at a cost of 5 p / hr,









-  Heating that children can safely play next to.

-  Switch on individual heaters and so avoid paying to heat unoccupied pews.

-  Based on proven German Infranomic heater design.