Cooltouch Church Heaters



Weather turning colder and enquiries increasing.

Pleased to have delivered heaters to the Methodist Church in Humberston, Nr Grimsby and Great Tew Church Nr Chipping Norton.



Do these concerns seem familiar?         

-  High heating maintenance cost

-  High fuel bills

-  Cold and unhappy congregation

-  Low attendance during the winter

-  Concern for the church fabric

-  Heating system failed and new one needed





Cooltouch heaters can address all of these concerns and many more when installed in your pews.


-  Thin infrared panels radiate warmth to legs and ankles

-  Worship without the cold distracting you

-  Warm 3 people with one 320 Watt heater at a cost of 5 p / hr,









-  Heating that children can safely play next to.

-  Switch on individual heaters and so avoid paying to heat unoccupied pews.

-  Based on proven German Infranomic heater design.