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St Mary the Virgin chuch Weekley, Northamptonshire

Suppliers of

Far infrared heaters that fully meet the





in the Church of England's CHURCH HEATING PRINCIPLES document issued by

The Cathedrals and Church Buildings Division

Black Cooltouch heater located in church pew.
General view of Cooltouch heaters in a church
Child sitting safely in front of a Cooltouch heater

Infrared warmth on the shins and ankles.

Panels can be covered with a print

that matches the pew timber

Two layers of polyester fabric isolate the child from the 90 degrees C glass heater element.


About Us

We are a Church based company that understands the needs of a congregation and the concerns of PCC treasurers.

In 2013 we had found a possible solution to the problem of heating our congregation of 12 without heating the whole of our 13th century church.  The Infranomic heaters we found provided the warmth we required but were not safe when mounted in the pew space. However, with a bit of developmental work that resulted in the addition of 2 layers of mesh over the glass surface, we had heaters that provided the warmth and did the job safely and efficiently.  


Having fitted 15 heaters in the pews at St Mary the Virgin, Weekley, word got out that we had found an efficient church system.  Following a radio interview we suddenly had a market for the heaters and the company has grown steadily, supplying heaters to Oban in the north and Terwick in Sussex.  

Cooltouch Heaters Ltd was formed with the objective of encouraging church attendance on cold days without the church having to pay limited resources on excessive heating costs.

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