The Infranomic® principle applied by Cooltouch Heaters

Far infrared heat is generally felt by humans as
more pleasant than warm air heat.


Conventional heating systems (i.e. central heating) transfers the heat using the convection cycle, warming up and circulating around the room.

Cooltouch heating elements emit far infrared
energy, directly heating both you and all the objects and walls within the room. Thus a particularly pleasant feeling of heat develops. At the same time providing a health-promoting component. Infrared warmth is widely used for medical purposes and is applied for rheumatism or back pain with noticeable success.

Conventional heating: Heats and dries the air before circulating it around the room.

Infranomic®: Heat with infrared warmth.  Offering a pleasant warm feeling.

Cooltouch heaters consist of Infranomic® heaters that have been modified to provide safe heating in the confined space of a pew.

The base Infranomic® heaters are hand built in Germany by the company's own craftsmen.  Cooltouch Heaters Ltd produce the finished units by adding the two layers of Polyester mesh and fitting the aluminium frame.

Elements that make up a Cooltouch heater