Hi there Brian

We have been enjoying the warmth of the heaters over the winter period - they don't heat the church (impossible!) but they certainly take the edge off the cold air.

We are really happy with them and always recommend them to other church wardens who call up for advice. We had a concert in late September and, with a full church, the heaters made for a really comfortable atmosphere where people in the audience were actually taking their coats off!

Please do not hesitate to contact me whenever you need feedback and I wish you luck with your Christian Resources Exhibition. Kind regards

Sue Thomas, Churchwarden
Dear Brian,

I can't thank you enough for all your time and assistance with Terwick and its heating. I was there today for a Service and following on with a Baptism and the Church was wonderfully heated and I personally felt comfortable sitting in my Stall. Everyone is impressed with the style and look and feel of the church since the heaters have been installed.

I would like to thank you once again for your help in putting the heaters in at Terwick and they are looking great and seem to be doing their job very well indeed,

With all blessings to you both for the New year.

ps. I am in the good books at Terwick for finding your website and getting your heaters in!


Rev Edward Doyle


At Cooltouch Heaters we had an enquiry at the beginning of November2015 from St Peter's Terwick, West Sussex. We visited the church within days and 33 heaters were delivered heaters in December 2015 ready for Christmas Day.

"Dear Brian

The service on Christmas Day went very well and the heating was much admired and enjoyed!  When I turned on the heaters at about 9.10am the temperature in the church was 10 degrees (much warmer than normal, of course) and when the service finished it was 15.5 degrees. Who said it doesn't warm the building as well?!! On a normal December day, of course, it would not have been quite so good I am sure. Anyway, thank you both for enabling us to have a warm, worry-free day; no descending the boiler room steps and dangling down a sump to change the water level in the boiler room. What a joy!

Now we just need the electrician to come back and finish off and then we can consider the decommissioning of the boiler room and the removal of the oil tank and then the whole job will be done. Yippee!

Very best wishes for a Happy New Year



Bridget Nixon, Churchwarden

“It’s a 12th Century church so we expect to be cold during services in the winter months”. A comment back in 2013 from a Quinton parishioner when I first mooted that we install individual pew heaters. Having visited the church at Weekley and experienced the infra-red panels the PCC agreed to install 12 heaters to supplement our overhead heaters and to give direct warmth into the pews at ground level to counteract the cold air. Unlike Weekley we installed our heaters under the pews so they are not in evidence so do not detract from the beauty of an ancient building. After our experience with heaters during the 2013/14 winter it was unanimously decide to install heaters under all the remaining pews which was completed in 2014. After two successful, warmer winters, we can often now turn off our overhead (expensive) heaters as the direct warmth in the pews makes for a happy congregation.

Major DM Crouch

St Peter’s, Pavenham is a typical medieval church – built in the 1100’s, listed, & situated up a steep drive (so deliveries of neither oil nor solid-fuel are possible) in a north Bedfordshire village which has no gas supply…and the inside of the building gets down to 6O C during deep winter.

Our heating system from the 1970’s had comprised overhead electric heaters & pew heaters based on resistance heating. Our electricity bills were some £1500 per annum, & to get the church warm enough for our 11.15 morning service, we sometimes had to turn the heating on a Friday evening.

Modern infra-red panels mounted in the pews appeared to offer an attractive way forward, so we went to see an installation of ‘Cooltouch’ panels at a nearby church. The demonstration was impressive, so we bought two panels to enable a comparison trial. Our congregation were unanimous in their selection of the ‘Cooltouch’ panels due to their effectiveness and aesthetic appearance, so we proceeded to full installation (28 panels in all); this was finished in late spring 2014, and we retained the old overhead heating ‘just in case’. We use both systems when it’s really cold , & just the pew heaters when it’s not quite so cold.

In our first full year of operating in this way, our electricity consumption was down by about one-third we will have a second winter’s experience shortly. Thus our treasurer enjoys lower bills, and our congregation enjoy a far warmer, more comfortable church! A very positive effect has been that numbers attending our services have increased: since we fitted the heaters, weekly average attendance has increased by 10%., & many attendees comment on how pleasantly warm the church now is!

Terry Horsman