St John the Baptist, Quinton

“It’s a 12th Century church so we expect to be cold during services in the winter months”. A comment back in 2013 from a Quinton parishioner when I first mooted that we install individual pew heaters. Having visited the church at Weekley and experienced the infra-red panels the PCC agreed to install 12 heaters to supplement our overhead heaters and to give direct warmth into the pews at ground level to counteract the cold air. Unlike Weekley we installed our heaters under the pews so they are not in evidence so do not detract from the beauty of an ancient building. 

After our experience with heaters during the 2013/14 winter it was unanimously decide to install heaters under all the remaining pews which was completed in 2014. After two successful, warmer winters, we can often now turn off our overhead (expensive) heaters as the direct warmth in the pews makes for a happy congregation.

Major DM Crouch, Churchwarden


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