St Peter's church, Terwick

The service on Christmas Day went very well and the heating was much admired and enjoyed! When I turned on the heaters at about 9.10am the temperature in the church was 10 degrees (much warmer than normal, of course) and when the service finished it was 15.5 degrees.

Who said it doesn't warm the building as well?!!!
On a normal December day, of course, it would not have been quite so good I am sure. Anyway, thank you for enabling us to have a warm, worry-free day; no descending the boiler room steps and dangling down a sump to change the water level in the boiler room. What a joy!

Now we just need the electrician to come back and finish off and then we can consider the decommissioning of the boiler room and the removal of the oil tank and then the whole job will be done.Yippee!Bridget, Churchwarden

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