St Peter’s Church,  Pavenham, Bedfordshire

Our heating system from the 1970’s had comprised overhead electric heaters & pew heaters based on resistance heating. Our electricity bills were some £1500 per annum, & to get the church warm enough for our 11.15 morning service, we sometimes had to turn the heating on a Friday evening.

We have a full installation of 28 panels; this was finished in late spring 2014, and we retained the old overhead heating ‘just in case’. We use both systems when it’s really cold , & just the pew heaters when it’s not quite so cold.

In our first full year of operating in this way, our electricity consumption was down by about one-third we will have a second winter’s experience shortly. Thus our treasurer enjoys lower bills, and our congregation enjoy a far warmer, more comfortable church!


Terry Horsman, Churchwarden

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