Cover of Church Heating Principes document

Fabric Commissions guiding principle No. 9

Consider a wide range of options including non-fossil-fuel-based heating

In keeping with our commitment to radically reducing the Church’s greenhouse gas emissions, churches should be expected to have at least carefully considered the option of moving away from fossil-fuel based heating (gas and oil boilers) towards electric-based heating (such as air- or ground-source heat pumps, pew heaters, and farinfra-red radiant heaters), with these being powered by ‘green’ electricity. Other options to be considered include hybrid boilers, which combine a heat pump and a conventional boiler, and – if well implemented - biomass.

How Cooltouch Heaters can help

Cooltouch heaters are a low energy solution to the problem of providing warmth for a congregation.  In a typical church the heat required would be 150W per person. 

We are at present working with an architect who is looking at having solar panels with battery storage installed.  With a 15kW solar array and about 500 kWh energy use per month there should be an income of around £80 / month from the system.