Cover of Church Heating Principes document

Fabric Commissions guiding principle No. 8

Getting to this future will take time and can only move at the pace feasible for each church

The progress will be limited by the affordability of the equipment, the price of electricity vs gas, the existing supplies and electrics of the church, its listing, and many other factors. An options appraisal of some kind is vital. For some churches, having fully assessed their options, there may currently be no feasible solution other than replacing gas-with-gas or even, in exceptional cases, oil-with-oil, but they can try to be ready for a future retro-fit when technology and the grid has progressed.

How Cooltouch Heaters can help

Cooltouch Heaters can be installed in batches as the PCC has the funds to pay for them.  We would never recommend that all pews in a church are heated since on most Sundays only a few would be occupied.  Once the initial electrical wiring is installed to the pews the PCC has control over when pews are heated to cope with weddings etc.