Cover of Church Heating Principes document

Fabric Commissions guiding principle No. 4

Different solutions apply to different churches—there is no ‘one size fits all’

Every heating solution must be designed around the individual church’s use and nature. Those churches which get used for one or two services on a Sunday with the odd hour mid-week for the bell-ringers and/or choir make up a substantial number of the churches in the country. The efficient heating solution in such a church is radically different to those churches which have activities occurring in them 5 days a week for 6 to 8 hours a day. The heating advice must therefore be rooted in a clear understanding of how each individual church is used, now and in the future.

How Cooltouch Heaters can help

Both active directors are members of our churches PCC.  Brian is a Lay Worship Leader and has served as churchwarden and treasurer in the past.

We are well aware of the needs of PCCs  that have a congregation of around 20 in a 13th century church where weddings and funerals are a major source of income.