Cover of Church Heating Principes document

Fabric Commissions guiding principle No. 2

The approach to heating needs to find the right balance, for each particular church, of five things

• Church-users being comfortable, so the church is welcoming and usable,

• Historic fabric and materials not being harmed,

• Affordability (to install, maintain and run),

• The feasibility of, and appetite for, change, and, last but certainly not least,

• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to the climate crisis.

How Cooltouch Heaters can help

We are much more interested in building a churches congregation than selling our heaters. During a survey visit we will readily recommend other forms of heating if these are more appropriate.

Demonstrating how the Cooltouch heaters provide warmth within the pew space and showing how the printed surfaces make them become part of the pew they are attached to can help overcome preconceived ideas about hew heating systems.