Infranomic Construction

Infranomic® heaters are hand built in Germany and meet strict EU safety standards.

The unique Infrared Emitter is a special carbon fibre construction manufactured by Infranomic®, this material is designed so when electricity is introduced it emits Far Infrared Rays.

All Infranomic® heaters have a Toughened Safety Glass Surface (including their Mirrored products). As Infrared exists within the light spectrum it is the best form of media to allow the maximum amount of energy release.

All Infranomic heaters are fitted with an automatic safety cut-off system should the heater become too hot, thus protecting people and also its own internal components. The heater is perfectly safe to use again once completely cooled.



Understanding Electrical Usage

Normally electric heating is measured in kW (kilowatts); there are 1000watts in a kilowatt. 2kW doesn’t sound a great deal, this is equivalent to having twenty 100 w light bulbs switched on.

Infranomic® Power Usage

Infranomic® Heater Sizes & Wattage
600mm x 400mm = 210w
700mm x 600mm = 400w
900mm x 600mm = 500w
1100mm x 600mm = 600w
1200mm x 600mm = 700w
1400mm x 600mm = 900w

Electric fan heater Power usage
1 Kw, 2 Kw or 3 Kw
This is higher than any Infranomic Heater