Cooltouch heaters consist of Infranomic® heaters that have been modified to provide safe heating in the confined space of a pew.

The Infranomic® principle

Far infrared heat is generally felt by humans as
more pleasant than warm air heat. Conventional
heating systems (i.e. central heating) transfers the
heat using the convection cycle, warming up and
circulating around the room.


Infranomic® heating elements emit far infrared
energy, directly heating both you and all the objects and walls within the room. Thus a particularly pleasant feeling of heat develops. At the same time providing a health-promoting component. Infrared warmth is widely used for medical purposes and is applied for rheumatism or back pain with noticable success.

Infranomic®: Heat with infrared warmth.  Offering a   pleasant warm feeling.

Conventional heating: Heats and dries the air before circulating it around the room.


Heater construction

The base Infranomic® heaters are hand built in Germany by the companies own craftsmen.  Cooltouch Heaters Ltd produce the finished units by adding the two layers of Polyester mesh and fitting the aluminium frame.

The unique Infrared Emitter is a special carbon fibre construction manufactured by Infranomic®, this material is designed so that when connected to an electrical supply, it emits Far Infrared Rays.  Over temperature protection is provided by a self resetting thermostat installed between the emitter and the reflective panel.

All of the heaters have a Toughened Safety Glass Surface.  As Infrared exists within the light spectrum, it is the best material to allow the maximum amount of energy release.


Heaters can be mounted on the flat back of a pew by means of aluminium brackets (shown here) that are supplied with the heaters.

Alternative brackets are supplied for open pews, these hold the heaters between the underside of the pew and the floor.  Slots in the brackets allow for adjustment to accomodate the various heights of pew seats.

Electrical installation

Cooltouch Heaters Ltd are not able to carry out electrical installation of the heaters.

Cooltouch Heaters Ltd will provide a schematic diagram showing the distribution of heaters around the church and indicate the expected electrical load for the heaters in each pew.

It is important that a suitably qualified electrician is employed to install cabling that can provide a switched outlet to each pew that heaters are to be located in.

It is recommended that wiring should allow for zoned heating so that an appropriate number of pews are heated for a specific service.


Provision should be made for heaters to be switched on approximately 15 minutes before the congregation arrives to allow the heaters to come up to temperature.

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