How The Heaters Work

The Infranomic® Principle

Far Infrared heat is generally felt by humans as more pleasant than warm air heat. Conventional heating systems (i.e. Central heating) transfer the heat using the convection cycle, warming up and circulating around the room, taking dust and airborne contaminants with it. As warm air rises this type of heating has to operate for longer to ensure the occupied area is warm, thus increasing your heating costs.

Infranomic® heating elements emit Far Infrared energy, directly heating both you and all the objects and walls within the room. As Infranomic® warms the entire fabric of a building the running costs become less as the heating operates for shorter periods of time in order to maintain the required temperature. As Infranomic® does not rely on convection cycle rooms are more evenly and efficiently heated with no circulation of dust and airborne contaminants.