Getting started

Heaters located in pew spaces.  The front row heater is located to provide warmth for a member of the congregation in a wheelchair.


  • What do the heaters look like?
  • How do they work?
  • Can we afford it?
  • Will they fit in our pews?


Answer most of these questions by purchasing one heater on a sale or return basis and let everyone see exactly what is being proposed.


Many churches and communal buildings are facing the problem of increasing fuel costs and ageing heating systems that are due for replacement.

Being asked to investigate alternative solutions we search the web, ask around, go to exhibitions, and visit other churches. There are so many possible solutions and all have their advantages and disadvantages.

We collect masses of information and then have to try and convince others who have not been involved in the research that our proposal will meet their needs.

It is natural for those who will have to pay to want to see what they are buying and to see it working, however it is not possible to try out a new systems that require radiators, warm air ducting, underfloor heating or overhead radiant heaters in their own church.

At Cooltouch Heaters we have come up with a solution to many of your problems. We will sell you a single radiator, on a sale or return basis, so that you can evaluate the heater in your church and demonstrate how it will work in your pews.

If you are happy with the heater you can buy as many as you can afford, when you can afford them and so avoid a large capital expenditure.

If you do not feel that the system will work for you just put the heater back in the packaging it came in and we will arrange for a courier to pick it up. You will get a full refund provided the heater is not damaged