FAQs About the heaters

What are they made from?

The heater surface is a sheet of toughened glass bonded to a carbon element which generates far infrared energy when connected to a 240 volt electrical supply.

The glass has an insulation layer behind it with a hardboard backing. This is then held in an aluminium frame that holds the Cooltouch fabric in place.

Where can they be used?

The heaters only need a solid surface to fit them to and a 3 amp electrical supply.

What maintenance is required?

None. The heaters have no moving parts and the electrical system is encapsulated into the glass element.

The fabric would benefit from any dust being removed by a vacuum cleaner but no regular maintenance is required to the heater itself.

How much will it cost to run the heaters?

At electricity cost of 14 p / unit, the 1200mm heater costs 4.37 p / hr and the 900mm heater 3.5 p / hr.

With no need to store heat or transport heat through pipes, the heaters can be switched on as and when they are required. When off there is no cost at all.

A heater panel will be radiating detectable amounts of heat within a few minutes of being switched on.

What if the fabric covering is torn?

The fabric is pulled tight across the surface of the heater and in normal use we would not expect the fabric to be damaged.

If the fabric is torn the Cooltouch safety features will not be present.  Contact Cooltouch Heaters Ltd to seek advice. 

Cooltouch Heaters Ltd will replace the fabric covering for a small charge, provided the heater is returned to us.