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Church buildings that are heated for short periods on a Sunday waste vast amounts of heat.

Many churches were never designed to be heated. Traditionally attendance at a Church service would have involved the congregation wrapping up in their warmest clothes and expecting to spend their time the shivering. (Does this sound familiar to you)

Attempts to heat the buildings have brought some relief to those attending, but at the cost of damage to buildings due to condensation and damp ingress through stone walls.

Cooltouch heaters aim to heat the congregation, without the need to heat the church, by directing ‘far-infrared’ heat from a thin panel heater mounted directly in front of them.

Cooltouch Heaters incorporate a fabric screen that prevents any contact with its radiant surface.


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Weekley church at the forefront of innovation

St Mary the Virgin Church in Weekley, Northamptonshire have installed 13 Cooltouch Heaters and so reduced the need to switch on their overhead radiant heaters for up to 3 hours before their regular Sunday service.

With a regular congregation of around 15 people it was costing them £20 to provide limited heat each Sunday.

With the Cooltouch Heaters being switched on just before the service, overhead heaters have only been needed on the coldest days as supplementary heating.

Result a warm and happy congregation and reduced costs