Why Cooltouch Heaters

Church buildings that are heated for short periods on a Sunday waste vast amounts of heat.

Many churches were never designed to be heated. Traditionally attendance at a Church service would have involved the congregation wrapping up in their warmest clothes and expecting to spend their time shivering. (Does this sound familiar to you?)

Attempts to heat the buildings have brought some relief to those attending, but at the cost of damage to buildings due to condensation and damp ingress through stone walls.

Cooltouch heaters aim to heat the congregation, without the need to heat the church, by directing ‘far-infrared’ heat from a thin panel heater mounted directly in front of a person sitting in the pew.

Cooltouch Heaters incorporate a printed fabric screen that prevents any direct contact with the radiant surface.

Frequently asked questions

Can we choose the colour of the panels?

Yes. When we visit your church to demonstate the heaters we take a photograph of the pews so that we can have an image printed on the fabric that is a reasonable match for your pews.

What is the delivery time for the panels?

We order the panels direct from Germany as soon as we have received payment for the heaters. Delivery to us is less than 5 days and, dependant on the number of heaters you have ordered we can usually deliver to you within two weeks from receipt of payment.

Why do you require payment with order for the heaters?

As active members of our church we are doing this as a missional act and are attempting to keep the cost to churches as low as we possibly can. To this end we have set up the company with the objective of encouraging more people to attend church on cold days. The VAT that you pay funds the supply and printing of the fabric covers. By managing our cash flow this way we can avoid bank charges and and keep costs to you down.

Can you recommend an electrician who can install the electical wiring for the heaters?

We do not have the abilty or qualifications that would permit us to carry our electrical installations over the wide area that we supply heaters to. Churches usually have local electricians who can do this work or are guided by their DAC, or similar body, towards using an approved installer. We are happy to talk to your electrician advise them on possible zoning and physical installation of the heaters.


Where we started

In 2013 we had found a possible solution to the problem of heating our congregation of 12 without heating the whole of our 13th century church.  The Infranomic heaters we found provided the warmth we required but were not safe when mounted in the pew space.  A bit of development work and we had heaters that provided the warmth and, with the addition of 2 layers of mesh over the glass surface, did the job safely and efficiently.  


Having fitted 15 heaters in the pews word got out that we had an efficient system and following a radio interview we suddenly had a market for them.  

Cooltouch Heaters Ltd was formed with the objective of encouraging attendance on cold days without excessive heating costs for churches.

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